Here are our goals for a better Yorktown:

We will return Yorktown Government to a tradition of openness and accountability.

  • Yorktown has a long tradition of open and accountable government, this must be restored.
  • A New Yorktown Board will inform the people of Yorktown about what their government is doing on their behalf.
  • Everyone who wants to be involved and contribute will be able to do so, regardless of party affiliation.

We will repair and properly maintain town infrastructure – especially our roads.

  • Our roads are a major contributor to our Quality of Life.
  • Poorly maintained roads erode our property values, damage our cars, and increase traffic.
  • Yorktown residents, business, and emergency services deserve roads that get fixed every year, not just election years.

We will collect unpaid property taxes.

  • It is a basic responsibility of your Town Government to collect property and school taxes.
  • There is approximately $5.6 million of taxes due on approximately 229 properties.
  • This is approximately $370 for every household in Yorktown.

We will stop abuse of “spot” zoning which destroys neighborhoods and communities.

  • Transitional Zoning Regulations allow land to be rezoned to an open ended, anything goes, “transitional zone”, known as “Spot Zoning”.
  • Spot zoning undermines existing town zoning, which protects families, homes, neighborhoods, and communities.
  • Spot zoning has no standards to protect density, setbacks, privacy, quality of life, and property values.

We will revitalize existing commercial districts and attract tenants to vacant stores and office space.

  • An increasing number of stores and offices are vacant.
  • Landlords receive huge tax write-offs for vacancies.
  • We need to bring business and shopping back to local Yorktown merchants and office space.

We will address and combat the addiction epidemic.

  • Drug addiction must be confronted locally, by the whole community.
  • Your Town Government must provide support for proven programs that combat addiction.
  • A bipartisan committee should be created to assist the efforts that are already being made to focus and support the Communities efforts to eliminate drug addiction.

We will ensure the availability of quality housing for seniors and young families.

  • Yorktown needs housing that seniors, young adults and families, and disabled can afford to live in.
  • We need to make Yorktown attractive to young people and families just starting out.
  • We need to make Yorktown affordable for those who have lived and worked here their entire life.