Meet Diana Quast Town Clerk

First things first: What does the Town Clerk do?

My office deals with the nuts and bolts of daily life for the people of Yorktown. We’re an efficient, smooth-running department with a wonderful, knowledgeable team who are devoted to the residents of our community. We work directly for the citizens of this town and that mission is clear in everything we do.

If you’re re-elected, it would be your second term as Town Clerk. What have you done so far that you’re most proud of?

I’m proud of making our work more available to more people, in a variety of ways. We’ve finally put the town’s official documents online, making them more secure and accessible. Our office now accepts credit card payments. We’ve automated work where possible, making it more convenient for our residents and more cost effective for our town. 

We’ve also made our office more accessible to some of our seniors and disabled residents by creating a Mobile Town Clerk’s Office, which brings our office out to the community. Some people have difficulty coming into our regular office, so we go out to them at Jefferson Village and the Nutrition/Senior Services Center. More locations will be added soon. 

There are more initiatives, as well: 

  • Instituted a program to convert and scan documents, freeing up valuable office space and facilitating research.
  • Shredded more than 37 tons of paper in conjunction with the Westchester County Mobile Shredder.
  • Began an online Dog License Renewal Program this spring.
  • Created four drop-off locations to participate in the Cell Phones for Soldiers Program, a national nonprofit organization that collects recycled or refurbished phones to give active-duty soldiers ways to connect with their families.

What made you decide to run for a second term?

In January 2003, I became the Deputy Town Clerk in the Town of Yorktown and had the honor of working with and learning from Alice Roker, the former Town Clerk. In 2016, I was honored and humbled to be elected Town Clerk and have loved every minute of the past four years. I have met many wonderful people and have enjoyed helping others over the past 20 years of my public service career. I decided to run for a second term as Yorktown Town Clerk because I have more initiatives that I would like to see implemented in our community.  

Professionally, I’ve continued to improve my skills and connections: I’ve achieved designations as a New York State Registered Municipal Clerk and an International Certified Municipal Clerk. I’ve forged relationships with other clerks all over the state.

Did any particularly interesting stories come out of your first term?

In 2017, our museum team found a record book up for auction that had to do with the communities of Yorktown, Cortlandt, and Somers. At the time, we did not have any idea of just how important this record was to the town and its history. I contacted the Manhattan auction house handling the sale and asked for this book to be returned to the town. The auction house contacted the person who owned the book, and she agreed to let the town have it back for free. 

This book was the oldest record of the town! It begins in 1760, and it’s called the Book of Highways. As we move forward, I will be placing more historical documents like this one on the Town Clerk’s website so that everyone can enjoy the rich history of our community.

What do you enjoy about Yorktown and how do you plan to make it better? 

I most enjoy the sense of community and spirit of volunteerism that exists here. I am always amazed at how much our residents are willing to give to a group in need. We have a wonderful cross-section of all ages, and I am always pleased by the interaction I have with them. Our older residents remind me to honor our history; our younger residents remind me of the wonderful future we have ahead of us in Yorktown. 

I am humbled and honored to serve as Town Clerk, and I hope to continue to serve in a second term. 

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