Our Organization

The Yorktown Democratic Committee is comprised of District Leaders, two for each Election District in the town. Yorktown currently has 43 Election Districts, so it can have up to 86 District Leaders.

Under New York State Election Law, District Leaders are also known as “County Committeeman.” Pursuant to rules of the Westchester County Democratic Committee, District Leaders are elected by the petition process every two years in even-numbered years.

In each even-numbered year, District Leaders in each town or city must meet within 10 days of the September primary date for the purpose of organizing their municipal committee for the next two-year period. Organizing in this sense means that they elect officers for that next two-year period.

Only District Leaders who have carried their petitions and elected themselves as District Leaders are eligible to vote at that September organizational meeting. Once the committee has re-organized it can, by majority vote, add further District Leaders to fill vacancies for the balance of the two-year term.


District Leaders

  • Katherine Anduze
  • Robert Anduze
  • Susan Berman
  • Sandra Blackwell
  • Aaron Bock
  • Rosanne Brackett
  • Grace Caporino
  • Mary Capozzoli
  • Scott E. Carson
  • Naomi Cohen
  • Josephine Connor
  • Judith De Santes
  • Emmanuel Decaudin
  • Carol Dierlam
  • Andrzej Drews
  • Nancy Fleurat
  • Steve Gardner
  • Michelle Gilbert
  • Robert F. Giordano
  • Stewart M. Glass
  • Maura Gregory
  • Elaine Griffiths
  • Neil Gross
  • Brian Higbie
  • Sonia Idelsohn
  • Larry Kilian
  • Mary Jane Kilian
  • Bridget Krowe
  • Arlene J. Lawrence
  • Laurie Leahy
  • Martin Lichtig
  • Mark A. Lieberman
  • William E. Malave-Stoiber
  • James Martorano
  • Paul Moskowitz
  • Marc Oxman
  • Arlene Oxman
  • Dipika V. Patel
  • Vishnu Patel
  • Patricia Peckham
  • Don Peters
  • Aviah J. Pierson
  • Robert W. Pierson
  • Amy Puerto
  • Diana Quast
  • Alice Roker
  • Emilie Schmidt
  • Courtney Stokes
  • Christine Stokes
  • Eric Stokes
  • Ellen Sugrue
  • Jennie R. Sunshine
  • Melvyn Tanzman
  • Daniel Thaler
  • Susan Thaler
  • Marjorie Watson-Ley
  • Deborah R. Weinstock
  • Ann L. Whelan
  • James A. Whelan
  • Sarah D. Wilson
  • Andis Woodlief
  • Wesley Woodlief
  • Joseph A. Zaleski, Jr.