Our Purpose

The Yorktown Democratic Committee is the official organizational structure of the Democratic Party in the Town of Yorktown under New York State Election Law. As an official part of the Westchester County Democratic Committee, our mandate and responsibility is to foster, recruit, and promote candidates for local office, as well as support county, state, and national candidates who support Democratic ideals.

Beyond our official mandate, the Yorktown Democratic Committee plays a vital role in the Democratic political life of the Yorktown community. It promotes democratic principles and values and encourages active participation in the election process. Our organization:

  • Works to support a functioning, responsive democracy
  • Fosters engagement and optimism in the political process
  • Lends support and encouragement to important progressive causes

Democratic Principles and Values

No two Democrats will have complete agreement on each and every issue, but there is a broad consensus in favor of a number of notions. Probably the first among those is that government at all levels exists to serve the welfare of the people. While government is not the solution to every problem it is the solution to some and it is the responsibility of government to pursue those solutions.

Government should not be larger than needed, but it must be large enough, strong enough and sufficiently endowed with resources to accomplish its purposes. Government is the only institution in our society to speak for the public interest of all the people and not just some. It is the only institution capable of asserting and protecting the public interest from many and sundry private interests.

Governments can oppress, but so can private interests and institutions. And the American government has more commonly been the defender and protector of individual liberty than the enemy thereof. It is our solemn charge to see that that remains true.

Private enterprise is the great engine of the American economy, but not the solution to every problem. Democrats are pro-business, but Democrats believe business should be pro-community and pro-American, and that includes pro-environment.

The economic welfare of the people is one of many government responsibilities. But that responsibility includes generations of Americans yet to come. The preservation and sustainable use of today’s resources so that they remain available for tomorrow’s America is a sacred trust for the leaders of today. Stewardship is as important as ownership.

Economic inequality is more than a moral problem. Freedom without fairness is a lie. Excessive inequality threatens democracy itself. It is also a drag on the whole economy. The real “job creators” are not the top 1%, but instead middle-class Americans who account for 70% of all spending. If the economy is not working for them it is not working. And if those middle-class Americans believe our democracy is a sham because some Americans are so much more equal than others then American democracy is at risk.

Equality before the law is an absolute moral mandate. Democrats at all levels are committed to reproductive freedom, as well as equal and non-discriminatory treatment of all on the basis of race, creed, color, gender or sexual orientation.

Join us Yorktown Democrats and all others who share our values to help us put forward and elect qualified and deserving candidates at all levels who will promote these ends.