This is a team that knows leadership is not about showmanship. It’s about doing the work. Like renegotiating contracts to save the Town money and identifying new sources of millions in revenue. Taking action to repair infrastructure and expand business opportunities. And strengthening vital programs that serve our community and preserve our environment.

This is a team invested in a Town that was neglected for too long. A team committed to getting the job done for the betterment of all the citizens of Yorktown. Here’s how:

Increased Revenue
  • Saved over $700,000 by renegotiating recreational facility and public service contracts
  • Saved Town future costs by enforcing Lowe’s obligation to maintain sewers and water
  • Identified new sources and $3MM of revenue via Atlantic Bridge Pipeline Project and new 20-year lease agreement with Homeland Towers wireless services
  • Prevented the expiration of a $10MM grant to connect more residents to sewers
Improved Infrastructure
  • Upgraded Town buildings with new roofs and back-up generators
  • Worked with utilities on pole coordination, tree removal, and storm preparedness
  • Repaired roads and allocated funds for ongoing maintenance
Created Government Efficiencies & Access
  • Worked to represent all the people of Yorktown in a bi-partisan, collaborative manner
  • Welcomed community participation by starting Town Board meetings with Courtesy-of-the-floor
  • Increased accessibility by creating a mobile Town Clerk’s office, and televising public Town and Planning Board meetings
  • Updated Town technology with new computer systems to improve service and efficiency
  • Started going paperless, digitizing over 1-million documents while preserving historical documents
  • Streamlined dog license renewal by creating an online program
Enhanced Quality of Life
  • Improved Town wireless coverage for First Responders and residents at no cost
  • Obtained more resources for the ASK mental health program
  • Secured three more officers for the Lakeland School district for greater school safety
  • Acquired $65,000 grant for the Senior Center for the purchase of a bus and food service needs
  • Enabled soldiers to keep in touch with loved ones by organizing Cell Phones for Soldiers program
Strengthen Our Economic and Business Environment
  • Continue the work of the Economic and Business Revitalization Committee we formed to further our goals of creating jobs, expanding residential options, and making Yorktown a more desirable place to live, work and visit
  • Work to implement the Committee’s actionable, near-term recommendations including marketing, partnerships, economic and real estate development, and Town review processes
  • Empower the Committee to continue to lead and make recommendations to ensure our citizens are heard and given a role in shaping Yorktown’s future
Limit Town Tax Increases
  • Work to keep Town tax increases well within the N.Y. State mandated tax cap for fiscal year 2019 (Town taxes account for 12% of residents’ tax bill, school taxes are 71%, County taxes are 11%, and other is 6%)
Optimize Town Budget
  • Continuing resolving budget issues left by the previous administration by accurately identifying and allocating costs
  • Offset budget increases by pursuing State financing for replacement of antiquated systems
  • Use new revenue sources for Town infrastructure to remedy years of neglect due to inadequate spending and under-investment
Protect and Preserve Our Environment
  • Strengthen our Town tree laws weakened by the previous administration
  • Develop the Town’s first solar energy law
  • Establish a tree nursey with funds from the Rotary Club of Yorktown
  • Work with N.Y. State pilot program to treat Mohegan Lake’s phosphorus problem
  • Work to interconnect trails with Town Trail Committee
Fortify Yorktown’s Economy
  • Work to attract new and more commercial enterprises to increase tax base
  • Explore ways to increase housing and walkability in Town centers
  • Work to attract young people and seniors to downtown
  • Envision adaptive re-uses for existing properties
  • Balance Yorktown’s agricultural, historical and rural roots while encouraging business growth, embracing the Town’s motto of progress with preservation
Set the Standard for Environmental Preservation
  • Explore use of solar energy on Town buildings and property
  • Encourage bans on plastic and Styrofoam
  • Move to the use of Town hybrid cars in future
  • Enhance Yorktown’s reputation as a preeminent environmentally-friendly Town
Invigorate and Empower the Community
  • Put Yorktown on the map for the Hudson Valley as unique destination
  • Develop new arts and cultural institutions and bolster existing ones, such as the Yorktown Stage and Albert A. Capellini Community & Cultural Center
  • Revitalize downtown with activities and events that draw people and increase local business

Town Board

Ilan Gilbert
Town Supervisor
Diana Quast
Town Clerk
Patricia Sullivan-Rothberg
Town Council
Sheralyn Goodman
Town Council

County Board of Legislators

Vedat Gashi
District 4
Colin Smith
District 1