Voter Suppression Attempt in Yorktown

It’s amazing what the Republicans on the Town Board do to skew the election their way.

“Elected officials” from the Town of Yorktown called the Board of Elections and said that construction in front of the Town Hall would create a safety issue and that the four election districts that have voted there for decades should be moved to other locations.

There is no construction currently taking place in front of Town Hall and the relocation of the handicapped parking is not scheduled to begin until after Election Day.

Moving the polling place for election districts disenfranchises the voters, creates confusion and affects the election. By instituting this change 25% of the total registered voters in the town would be affected—the four districts that would be moved and the other districts already voting in the two locations that would absorb the new voters. Parking is already an issue in those locations.

Diana Quast, our Town Clerk, who is the official liaison between the Board of Elections and the Town was never notified of the communication between the “elected officials” and the BOE. Nor was Councilman Vishnu Patel. Obviously, this was a ruse to try to affect the election.

When notified by the BOE that the districts were to be located, Diana filed a Show Cause Order with the Supreme Court asking that this action be stopped, that the Town not try to start construction to support their phony claim and that the voters not be arbitrarily denied the right to vote where they have always voted.

The court will hopefully rule on this motion later today.

What lengths will these ethically challenged politicians go to save themselves on Election Day?

Since the first appearance in court, an Oh-SO-Amazing construction machine is suddenly parked in front of Town Hall. Who’s kidding who?

Last night at the Town Board meeting the Republicans passed a resolution supporting the action the BOE was trying to make. They went further stating that Town Hall was an inappropriate location for polling since the Town Clerk’s and Supervisor’s offices are there. How absurd. And if the Supervisor’s presence is an issue, he should stay at his office across the street, which is where he is most of the time anyway.

The Town Clerk is the only town official charged with running the election process in town. We should all applaud Diana Quast for her actions. She takes her responsibility to the residents of Yorktown who elected her seriously. She works for you. Not the Town Board.

The Republicans need to stop trying to interfere with the election process by putting obstacles in the way of your right to vote.

Can we trust the current Town Board?

The Republican, majority-controlled Town Board, led by Supervisor Michael Grace, is pushing through policies that weaken environmental protections, encourage rampant development, and reward their cronies. They are changing procedural rules to enact their agenda, conducting government business in secret, and acting unethically.

Supervisor Grace and Councilman Gregory Bernard, who are running for re-election next month, behave in an aggressively partisan manner to enact their personal agenda, treating those who disagree with contempt and disrespect.

Throughout this campaign, the Republicans have sent many hate-filled and deceitful mailers for the sole purpose of distracting voters through fear-mongering. The most recent mailers are made up of lies about Democratic positions on the issues. Nothing in these mailers is true.

However, while in office Supervisor Grace and Councilman Bernard have:

They cannot be trusted.

Vote for the candidates you can trust to bring transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior back to the Yorktown Town Board.